Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mission Accomplished?

I have been dropping not-so-subtle hints all over the place (emails, Facebook, Twitter ... you know, all the usual suspects) about my 365 project coming to a close. I knew it was an extremely ambitious project when I started at the first of the year (don't we all get overzealous about our New Year's resolutions?), but I wholeheartedly believed I could make it happen. Things I did not factor in were sickness, business trips and other composition projects turning this labor of love into a chore. I am fairly certain that this is the opposite of what was intended for the project.

So as not to feel like too much a failure, I ask myself if I accomplished the essence of the mission I set forth. Yes indeed. I did not reach 364 variations, but I did memorialize my mother every day for 74 days and now I have this collection of little variations I can return to whenever I like. I will not be composing any new variations, but I am planning a live performances of select variations reworked for piano 4-hands this summer, so stay tuned.

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Dena said...

Staying tuned. And CONGRATULATIONS on all the work and love you did pour into this project. I continue to remain impressed.